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Coastal Inspiration

Hello from Florida! Get set for a great summer! I love exploring the coastline and have already had a few glorious weekends in Amelia Island visiting one of my gallery’s Art on Centre. It’s a must see if your in the area and it’s well worth a trip, also try to catch the Saturday morning farmers market every weekend located near the gallery. The Stuffed Garlic Olives are so good in salads or a cocktail if your so inclined. All farm fresh local vendors.

Recently we also explored Georgia’s stunning Jekyll Island and South Carolina’s Hilton Head. I’m so inspired by the beautiful beaches and marshlands in these places that are so close to our home in St. Augustine, Fl.

Plum Gallery in the heart of the historic art district, downtown St Augustine is always my local presence – close to home! Here I showcase new paintings. Exhibitions run for three months, so four times a year there is always new and inspirational works being showcased.

Glorious Oaks | 60×60 | Oil on Canvas | Claire J Kendrick

Clouds of Light | 48×48 | Oil on Canvas | Claire J Kendrick

If your in south Florida this summer be sure to visit my gallery representation in Naples, Fl – Gardner Colby Galleries.

Traveling is fun, and this is my first test uploading a post from my phone on the go! I really should have mastered this before now but this is an attempt to make the blog more spontaneous.

The two paintings featured are inspired by my recent travel –

Landscape | Glorious Oaks | 60×60 | Oil on Canvas | Claire J Kendrick

Seascape | Clouds of Light | 48×48 | Oil on Canvas | Claire J Kendrick


Claire J Kendricklandscape, Oil Painting, SeascapeMay 17, 20180 comments
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Join us for this unique home/studio tour experience  – the artists will be selling works of art, they welcome new collectors and look forward to informing art lovers about their creative process. Visiting an artist’s home / studio gives a special feel for the process of creating fine art.


Painting by Claire Kendrick

Pottery By Worley Faver

Painting by Lahib Jaddo

Glass by Thomas Long


Claire J KendrickUncategorizedNovember 25, 20170 comments
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New Painting in the Figure Series

12″ x 12″ | Looking Up | Oil | CJK

If you are interested in Figure Drawing or Painting consider attending –

One Day Figure Workshop at St Augustine Art Association.

It’s an open studio session, no tuition.

Live Model Session
Intermediate / Advanced artist’s

Date: Monday August 19th, 2013
Cost: $35

Time: 10.30am – 4.00pm Lunch Break (12.30 – 1.30)

The model ( Rebecca ) will be in a sitting / lying position with backdrop and props offering textural and color interest. The session intends to offer artists the opportunity to work on large scale or detailed paintings or drawings. Pose offers interesting front or back study’s.

– Maximum of 10 people in the workshop.
Easels / Tables provided – please arrive at 10am to set up as session will start at 10.30am sharp.

Please sign up by contacting Elyse Brady
Phone: (904) 824-2310
St Augustine Art Association
22 Marine St, St Augustine, FL 32084


Claire J. Kendrick presents  a contemporary body of work that brings a fresh, personal, unique, and modern approach to figure painting. There is a freedom and energy, not only in the way she applies paint, but in the way she sees the figure that pushes the boundaries toward the abstract. “The dialogue is something I strive for. What is spoken and what is left unspoken. It is the tension and energy between the painting and the viewer’s interpretation of the work.”Claire paints landscape, still-life, and figurative paintings. Collectors respond to the unique contemporary style and the expressive way in which she paints.

Claire J KendrickDrawing, Exhibition, Figure, Oil PaintingJuly 29, 20130 comments
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Open Heart

Open Heart | 48″ x 48″ | Oil Encaustic

In every store there are tulips, I have been buying fresh cut flowers and some bulbs in pots, that bloom and I later plant in the garden. They make great still life paintings!

It was just such a pleasure to paint a big canvas (48″ x 48″). The tulips have a life of their own, they seem to move even as you paint them.

A fellow painter gave me a great tip —  if you like to paint your still life set up with a spot light try using an LED bulb. They don’t give off as much heat — thus less chance of those blooms opening up on you. Another tip get moving – get dancing – sing and – jump into action. Get the guts of the painting and that movement will sing its way onto the canvas. Keeping the energy on a large canvas is the biggest challenge!

Keep and open mind open heart as to where the painting can go – don’t try to steer an idea, stay open and let it happen.





Claire J KendrickExhibition, Oil PaintingApril 26, 20130 comments
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Violin Virtuoso and an Extravagant Gesture.

Violin Virtuoso
“American violinist Rachel Barton Pine gave a spellbinding performance at the Big Red Art Show during First Friday Art Walk on February. Mike Woodruff of the EMMA educational outreach program arranged the solo concert. Ms. Barton Pine has appeared as a soloist with many of the world’s most prestigious orchestras and has recorded 16 critically acclaimed albums. A tireless ambassador and educator for classical music, her violin virtuosity left the capacity crowd breathless! Discover Rachel’s classical and rock music at” ( – Newsletter)

I was privileged to have “Extravagant Gesture” my award winning painting share center stage with Rachel during her performance at the St Augustine Art Association. Great Concert and exhibition! Thanks to all who attended.

Extravagant Gesture | 36" x 36" | Oil

Extravagant Gesture | 36″ x 36″ | Oil

Claire J KendrickExhibition, Newsletter, Oil PaintingMarch 27, 20130 comments
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Love Wasteland

36″ x 48″ | Oil Encaustic | Love Wasteland


“Love Wasteland”

One of the greatest human needs is love and connection – yet how often do we take time to consider how good we are at building friendships, connections meaningful relationships. So rarely to we think about how we contribute, are we good friends, companions, lovers?

Think about the green drips representing –

Volume bars on a stereo showing the love that’s in life.

Notches on a bed post….!

Tombstones marking love or friendships lost.

Memorable meetings, fun times shared.

Like stocks and shares the rise and fall, what do we value.

The dates and gatherings we have planned in our future.

Those lost in conflict!

Those who are important to us.

Even a tiny bloom can survive in a wasteland; our choices can effect what’s in the vase.




Claire J KendrickExhibition, Newsletter, Oil Painting, UncategorizedFebruary 12, 20130 comments
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Dutton Bright

Dutton Bright | 12” x 12” | In Studio

So last week I posted some plein air sketches painted on location at Dutton Island. It was a stunning spot and this time of year it’s a dark autumnal palette. I thought the paintings were maybe a little dark when I got them into the studio but they had something I liked, a moody feeling about them. Florida can be so over saturated with light sometimes that this time of year it’s a short season to capture those open marsh scenes in the Autumn Colors.  Back at the studio working from the sketches and reference photo’s I had fun pushing the color and simplifying the view. Getting the knife out and letting the thick buttery oil paint do the work. Before you know it spring is knocking on the door!!


Claire J KendrickOil PaintingFebruary 15, 20120 comments
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