Landscape Series

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My Heart Skips a Beat – Framed 37×43 $5425 | Vibrant Light -Framed 25×25 $2925

About the Artist

Claire J Kendrick is an artist whose landscape paintings reflect Florida with bold, rich, beautiful colors. Collectors respond to the contemporary style and the expressive way in which she paints. The big open vistas and the marsh views that stretch for miles are among her favorite places to be.

“This is a hot climate and colorful coast it’s a joy to live here. I love the expanse of the marshlands, the big cloudscapes, the scenery is dramatic and I try to express that in my paintings. When you’re out painting in these isolated places it feels like you have the world to yourself. The subtle shifts of light can in a moment calm or energize the environment. The paintings on exhibition are color sensations, passionate responses, and magical experiences.” – CJK

Published book with paintings by CJK of the Landscape Series

Sunset Marsh 42×22

Green Pasture 36×60

Magic Moment 40×40

Expansive Marshland 30×40

St Augustine from a Distance 48×48

Florida | Pattern and Texture 1&2 | 12×12 each | silver floater frame | $1250 each

Florida | Pattern and Texture 1&2 | 12×12 each | silver floater frame | $1250 each

Vibrant Marsh |48×48 | Oil Encaustic | Original & Giclee Code I

Diptych 36×36 each

Loving you 18×18

Surrounding Me 18×18


Vista 60×48

My Heart Skips a Beat 30×30

Evening Shimmer on the Intracoastal 52×42 Framed $7525

Fields of Gold 48×48 $8528

Chasing the inland breeze 36×36 Oil on Canvas

Southern Love 36×36 Oil on canvas

Summer Coastal Tones 10×20 Oil on Canvas

Diptych Marshscape 36×72 oil on linen gallery wrapped

Take Time To Relax

Take Time To Relax 36×48

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