Seascape Series


Seascape Series

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Being Present 48×48
Making Waves 40×60
Seascape Painting By Claire J Kendrick in Oil – SOLD
Commission Works for 2020 accepted.
Textured Sky 12×12
Making a splash 18×18
Summer Marsh 20×20
Finding a center line 40×30
Finding a Center line 40×30
Peaceful Morning 8.5×12.5
Coastal Haze 12×12
St Augustine 18×18
Abstract Surf 36×36 Oil on Canvas
Clarity 40×60
Pathway to Calm Framed 42×65 Oil on Canvas
Wood frame with white washed wood liner.
Dune Light 50×40 oil on cotton canvas
Island Life 36×60
Sandbar | 40×40 | Oil and Wax Framed Champagne Floater
Coastal Haze 12×12
Dune Pathway | 36×36 | Oil on Canvas | C.J. Kendrick
A Summer Story 20×20
Fishing 20×20 Fishing
Wistfully Remembering | 48×48 | Oil Encaustic | CJK
Silver Lining 40×50 Oil Painting by CJK Interior Photo
Lucky Three 30×30 Oil on Board -1 1/2″ pannel (painted edge)
Seeking 48×48
Claire J Kendrick in her Studio – Beach Life 48×48 & Island Life 36×60
Moments in Time 48×48
each 12x12x2

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