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Historic Art District, St. Augustine, FL

Studio & Gallery

In the heart of downtown St Augustine, one block back from the Bay front is a fabulous space occupied by artist Claire Jane Kendrick and Potter, Worley Faver. The duo are represented by nearby Plum Gallery, managed by Artist Karen Sheridan. The community is rich in history and home also to the St Augustine Art Association, and a host of other galleries & eateries.

Please know that the gallery is open for private appointment – we are respecting social distancing and wearing masks.

Here is a video tour in the meantime, we hope to see you soon. Please share with other locals and visitors let them know we’d love to talk art!

To make and appointment Email claire@cjk-studio.com

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Seascape Series

Being Present 48×48
Making Waves 40×60
Seascape Painting By Claire J Kendrick in Oil – SOLD Commission Works for 2020 accepted.
Textured Sky 12×12
Making a splash 18×18
Summer Marsh 20×20
Finding a center line 40×30
Finding a Center line 40×30
Peaceful Morning 8.5×12.5
Coastal Haze 12×12
St Augustine 18×18
Abstract Surf 36×36 Oil on Canvas
Clarity 40×60
Pathway to Calm Framed 42×65 Oil on Canvas Wood frame with white washed wood liner.
Dune Light 50×40 oil on cotton canvas
Island Life 36×60
Sandbar | 40×40 | Oil and Wax Framed Champagne Floater
Coastal Haze 12×12
Dune Pathway | 36×36 | Oil on Canvas | C.J. Kendrick
A Summer Story 20×20
Fishing 20×20 Fishing
Wistfully Remembering | 48×48 | Oil Encaustic | CJK
Silver Lining 40×50 Oil Painting by CJK Interior Photo
Lucky Three 30×30 Oil on Board -1 1/2″ pannel (painted edge)
Seeking 48×48
Claire J Kendrick in her Studio – Beach Life 48×48 & Island Life 36×60
Moments in Time 48×48
each 12x12x2

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Planning, Archiving & Safeguarding.

As we are experiencing a global pandemic—its a good time to take stock and update records. When it comes to archiving, photographs of your work are almost as important as the work itself. 
Estate planning is a daunting task that is often ignored or put off by working artists……

Here is some prudent advice ……

“Preserving an artist’s legacy has to do with authenticity. It’s all about capturing and documenting the maker’s perspective; that’s where it all begins…..

Today, artists have an opportunity to record their process and what they are thinking as they create their work. This approach leaves neither question nor prompts speculation on artistic ideation, concept and result….

Vision, technique, process—they are all essential to understanding an artist’s lifetime and legacy.

Artists can benefit by creating an inventory and keeping a rudimentary level of insurance to replace their tools and other assets. A disaster, a fire, hurricane or tornado, for example, can be devastating. Rebuilding a studio and replacing its contents can pose insurmountable obstacles without essential protections.” – Curator, director, potter, and writer Mark Leach

Read full article –

I can speak from experience living in Florida its a very strange feeling to be evacuated from your property and studio during a hurricane and the reality is you have to be covered. I have an inventory of work, one would think you would cram your vehicle with important works or equipment, maybe the most valuable works, but you don’t have time. You could also end up driving in the direction of more trouble because those pesky storms can change direction and speed at an alarming pace.

A unique aspect of an artists will, is what will be done with my art when I am gone. Some artists ask that their work will be sold via auction to benefit a child/children or a local art museum or artist residency.

“Although it was such a simple process, the task was quite daunting, mostly because writing a will requires one to consider one’s own mortality in a very concrete way. The process was made easier by my lawyer reminding me that a will is a changeable document – I can always edit and alter the will if circumstances change. While I didn’t feel completely prepared to write a will, I am so grateful to have received the Get Ready Grant; had I not it is likely that in five or ten years I still would not have an estate plan or will. The grant gave me the motivation to safeguard my legacy and my son’s future.” – April Hale from in her small studio in Stevensville, Montana – making sustainable, handcrafted jewelry by combining blacksmithing, enameling, and fine silversmithing into a contemporary, nature-inspired aesthetic. 

I have just taken advantage of saving this 22 page guide …….

Crafting Your Legacy is designed to be used either as a supplement to other guides on estate and legacy planning, or to initiate the process. The 22 page workbook includes eight case studies, checklists, and resources to help studio artists think about and plan for the fate of their tools, equipment, materials, library, archives, and other art making assets as part of their creative legacy.

Research and publication of Crafting Your Legacy was made possible by grants from the Joan Mitchell Foundation and the Windgate Charitable Foundation.

Follow this link…….


The image below is a fascinating installation of the London studio of Francis Bacon, it shows the story and survival of the artists studio this is one aspect of his life and career.

However a simpler view of keeping documentation of your wishes insures your collection of fine art isn’t donated to nearest charity shop by an unappreciative friend or family member!! – Share your stories in the comments below…..!

The pieces, estimated to be worth around $15,000, were apparently intended to make viewers think of the environment. https://gawker.com/cleaning-lady-throws-away-expensive-modern-art-she-mist-1527595660

The London studio of Francis Bacon (1909-92), which was moved and installed exactly as it was to the Hugh Lane Gallery in Ireland after the gallery acquired it in 1998. Every item is cataloged in an accompanying online database.CreditCreditPhoto by Perry Ogden © The Estate of Francis Bacon. All rights reserved/DACS, London/ARS, New York, 2019

So with a little time, a little knowledge, take care of your life’s works. Some will value it and others may discard it.

Please leave your notes, comments, stories on this subject in the comments – I’d be so interested to hear your views.

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Still Life Painting, “Bells of Ireland”

From my home to yours, “Bells of Ireland” | 30×48 |  oil on canvas | 2014. NFS.  This painting is in my personal collection, it’s a milestone piece. It’s good to reflect on these paintings from time to time. They are the ‘keepers’ they mark a period of growth or something unexplained that I’d been striving for in my work.

Often as a working artist, its a feeling of luxury to decide to keep a painting. You live with works of art until its time to send them to a gallery. Works I love, seem to sell easily, quickly in a day or a week sometimes. Often works take longer to find the right person a year or two…or longer! A collector may appreciate the voice, the essence of a painting, others find their way back to the studio before being introduced to a new gallery and area. It’s like dating – but for paintings. One never really knows what draws the collector and the painting together, its their private desire, love affair.

It sometimes matters to collectors the career of the artist. A collector may be interested in a new body of work, if you have done a residency or have traveled. A collectors may have been introduced to your your work by a gallery and likes your work so much they commission a work of art. This is a great compliment. Some don’t care to know your name and the painting is a good fit with the decor!

So the volatile, fickle world of art will always keep us guessing and waiting for a sale. This time I fear artists may wait for longer than we wish, for markets to recover. However if you follow my work its important to know the work matters to me and will continue…because there is rarely a feeling of having the luxury to rest on ones laurels, in this game. The love affair and great desire to say something with the work continues for as long as I can buy paint!

The joy and importance of having art in one’s life is clear… it’s wonderful when clients send photos of art they’ve purchased for their home, exclaiming how much it meant to them and how they loved having it, especially during these trying times.

There’s no sugarcoating  this…. There are rocky times ahead. My thanks to the professional gallery’s who represent my work.

ART ON CENTRE, FERNANDINA, FL www.artoncentre.com
TEL (904) 624 7255

GARDNER COLBY GALLERY, NAPLES FL www.gardnercolbygallery.com
TEL (239) 403 7787

PLUM ART GALLERY, ST AUGUSTINE FL www.plumartgallery.com
(904) 825 0069

CJK-STUDIO www.cjk-studio.com

Art inspires, awes, entertains, intrigues and delights. Enjoy viewing works at these online gallerys.
Thank you to all my collectors.

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“Is there something I can sing from across the sea.”

28″ x 22″ oil on canvas

Still Life Painting – Progression Video

As we find our place in a new circumstance, I find myself listening to new music, painting, cooking. We are forced to make life simpler for a while. Artists, love a little solitude… its an essential element. The privacy of the studio is a sanctuary, a place to see, develop and challenge oneself to work harder and be better. It is reminding me of how important our home life is. As we spend more time at home, how neglected some areas were.

Enjoy your time and embrace the solitude rather than think of it as isolation.

Thinking of family and friends across the sea and close by. Stay safe … attached a short video from my home to yours. Take time to make your dwelling beautiful, I have been organizing (…. it feels like a have a few years worth to catch up on) De-cluttering is another famous pass time many of us avoid but rehanging some paintings, prompted me to hang this recent painting. This still life white floral work is just a beautiful clean calm painting to greet us, as we enter our living space. Since we wont be out to buy fresh blooms these remind us to appreciate our garden.

From our materialistic society, right now it is only the essentials that matter, food, water, medicine. Our precious health and the state of the planet. Clean sky’s over major cities in the world show us there are lessons.

Prayers to all in the wake of the pandemic. Our health, economy and the fiscal tremors of this virus will be felt throughout the world. We must bloom again!

Be well.



If you would like a postcard of this painting please, private message me your name and address and I will send a print of it in the mail when everything calms down, it will be your reminder to bloom again.


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Seascape Works of Art

A selection of small and medium sized works available.

Lucky Three 30×30 Oil on Board -1 1/2″ panel (painted edge)
Claire J Kendrick
Staccato Beat 30×30 Oil and wax on board
Island Life 36×60
Misty 48×48 Oil on Canvas, Gallery Wrapped
Dune Grass | 30×30 | Oil on Board | CJK


Claire Jane Kendrick, was born in Ireland and attended college in England at Manchester Metropolitan University, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree. She worked as a fashion designer in France, Belgium, Sweden and England before relocating to the United States of America in 2006. It was then she returned to painting, full time. A gifted colorist, her paintings are bold, rich, and beautifully textured.
Collectors respond to the contemporary style and the expressive way in which she paints. Pushing boundaries, Claire often starts a painting outdoors and uses a series of washes giving a free-flow effect which she then decides to manipulate or leave. This is a process of constant editing, painting, taking away then reapplying paint and wax, building the image slowly in layers.
“You should paint as you live life; expression should be in your work. See the things of beauty you enjoy and fill your life with that energy.”
A member of Oil Painters of America, Claire’s paintings have been published in American Art Collector Magazine, Florida Design and Veranda Magazine. Attracting a local and international following, Claire is dedicated to pursuing her painting career, and has studied with Contemporary American Painters, notably Cynthia Packard and Anne Packard.


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Still Life Demo – Progression Video

Visit the Downtown St Augustine, Plum Pop Up Studio to see the final stages of a still life painting come together.

#ArtWalk – Friday February 7th 5.30-8.30pm
Artist appearance – Potter, Worley Faver and Painter, Claire J Kendrick will be exhibiting in this two person show at the Pop Up Studio, located 212c Charlotte Street to meet visitors and talk about their work.
Plum Gallery – Group Show 10 Aviles Street.

“It is my practice to always work with reference. I like to buy fresh flowers and set up the arrangement and start with a strong composition. This is always my foundation. As I begin painting, each brush stroke has to say something. Putting down a mark and deciding to keep or remove, I try to ask myself if this mark adds something to the painting. The results are dynamic, energetic forms–they show the energy you put into the painting. The still life floral paintings have a life and vitality.”

This is a process of constant editing, painting, taking away then reapplying paint or wax, building the image slowly in layers.

“You should paint as you live life; expression should be in your work. See the things of beauty you enjoy and fill your life with that energy.”

Still Life Painted by CJK – Progression Video
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St. Augustine, Art Scene

Art Walk

Friday Feb 7th & March 6th, 2020. (5.30-8.30pm)

Artist appearance – Potter, Worley Faver and Painter, Claire J Kendrick will be exhibiting in a two person show at the Plum Pop Up Studio.

Separate from the Main Plum Gallery located at 10 Aviles Street, the Pop Up is in a quiet location giving artists a space and privacy to work. Visitors have the unique chance to see artists create, and showcased in the studio is a new body of work.

Visit if you are interested in finding our more about the artists and their process, see and ask questions about technique and works of art.

Plum Pop Up Studio Hours – 212c Charlotte Street
Tue, Wed Thu, 10am -2pm Claire Kendrick will be painting in oil at the Plum Pop Up Studio
Fri, Sat, Sun 11am-4pm Worley Faver will be working with Georgia Clay and demonstrating how he builds pottery.

By Appointment – call or visit Plum Gallery on Aviles Street for more information +1(904) 377-5166

If you missed the last show here is an overview……..! 2020 will be a whole new body of work so we encourage you to come downtown and see whats new!

Happy New Year everyone. May it be a healthy happy one.



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Seascape Works of Art

A Selection of oil paintings showing in Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples, Florida.

Seascape Paintings in Oil By Claire J Kendrick

Commission Works for 2020 accepted.

Claire Jane Kendrick was born and raised in Northern Ireland, she attended Manchester Metropolitan University, England as a sponsored student to study Fashion Design with Technology. Her first job was in Paris, France working for one of the leading fashion trend and color forecasting agencies. Claire’s career working as a fashion designer would allow her to travel throughout Europe and it sparked her love of travel and style. It enabled her to discover museums, visit city’s throughout Europe, US and Asia.

A move to the United States of America in 2006, gave her the opportunity to pursue her dream of being a full time painter. Free of the restrictions and trappings of the commercial design world, being a painter is the ultimate creative freedom. Life as a freelance designer had prepared her as a business owner, the challenge of breaking into a new career the challenge of entrepreneurship was set.

Claire traded the busy design rooms of Paris, London and Dublin for the open air, the love of “plein air” french, for painting outdoors. I went back to nature and back to my fine art roots.“I now have the best office view in the world, albeit there is no air conditioning painting on the marshlands or beaches of North Florida.”… “If you love what you do and can channel, express a moment onto canvas then that is what is important. Truth and observation in painting is fascinating, emotion and feeling vital.”

Early in her career Claire’s painting caught the attention of Anne Packard, American Contemporary Painter from Cape Cod, MA.

“All the senses seem to be wide open in Claire’s paintings….she is a talented and committed painter and clearly has her own voice, a painter’s painter. I would place my bets on Claire now and in the future.” – Anne Packard

“Anne’s nod of approval and mentoring gave me confidence to push through barriers in the art world. It also made people take a second look.” Collectors respond to the contemporary style and the expressive way in which Claire paints. A gifted colorist, her paintings are bold, rich, and beautifully textured.

Member of Oil Painters of America, Published in American Art Collector Magazine, Florida Design and Veranda Magazine. Attracting a local and international following, Claire is dedicated to pursuing her painting career.

She returns to Donegal, Ireland at least once a year to visit family and paint commission projects. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about commission projects in 2020 and beyond.

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Art Walk St Augustine

Plum Gallery’s Two Locations, 10Aviles Street – See the Group Show

212c Charlotte Street – Enjoy Worley Faver Pottery and Claire Kendrick Paintings Exhibiting in this two person show.

First Friday – Dec 6th

Potter Worley Faver and Painter Claire J Kendrick will be exhibiting in this two person show at the Pop Up Studio, located 212c Charlotte Street to meet visitors and talk about their work. Separate from the Main Gallery on Aviles Street the Pop Up location gives artists the unique chance to show a body of work, and meet and greet collectors., visitors and artists who are interested in finding our more about their process and works of art.

Discover Potter Worley Faver and Painter Claire Kendrick at Plum Gallery, St Augustine. FL

Plum Pop Up Studio Hours
Mon, Tue, Wed Thu, 10am -2pm Claire Kendrick will be painting in the Pop Up Studio
Fri, Sat, Sun 11am – 4pm Worley Faver will be working with Georgia Clay building pottery.
By Appointment – call or visit Plum Gallery on Aviles Street for more information +1(904) 377-5166

Painter Claire Kendrick at 212c Charlotte Street, St Augustine Studio / Gallery

When potter Worley Faver taps one of the pottery vessels he creates they ring back at him… “each pot has a voice”. The pottery also speaks in a special way to each who takes time to admire the works of art. Everyone has a personal connection and its unique to them. We had a visitor with a very special and emotional connection to “relic #18” – it’s a glorious work of art, but the coincidence is so remarkable we just had to share it with you. When I told Worley he recorded this message for our South African visitor – the inspiration for the piece came from a vessel from Africa… it spoke straight to her Afrian heart inspired by her home land….!

pottery #inspiration #africanpottery #pottery #clay #worleyfaver #ancientworks #handbuiltpottery #ceramics_monthly

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