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The ART of Gift Giving!

An Overview of Small Works of Art, Available at Gallery Locations

Here is a helpful overview of a few unique gift ideas from each of my professional gallery representatives located in
Naples, St Augustine, and Fernandina, Florida.
This is only a small selection, and quick shop guide for what is available in each location…..!
Visit the gallery nearest you in person to view range of works and see the effect and impact larger works can make in your home, office or yacht. HO HO HO!
Santa’s sleigh will soon be on the way.

Art On Centre, Fernandina

Small Works $700-1000

503 Centre St, Fernandina  – Call for DETAILS Tel 904 624 7255

Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples

Medium Size Works $1500 – 2000

386 & 365 Broad Av. S Naples FL – Call for DETAILS Tel 239 403 7787

Large Works – Call for DETAILS Tel 239 403 7787

Plum Gallery, St Augustine

Small Size Works $300 – 1500

10 Aviles Street & 212c Charlotte Street, St Augustine – Call for DETAILS Tel 904 825 0069

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Artist Claire Jane Kendrick in her Studio Photo Credit : Layla Neal Photography



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Marsh Paintings Framed and Ready for Art Walk Amelia Island!

Art On Centre, Fernandina

Art Walk – 2nd Saturday of Every Month – Art Gallerys, Shops and Restaurants stay open late.

New Paintings Available

Vibrant 24×24 | Oil on Linen with Floater Frame

Little Gem Series

Framed 10″x10″

Artist Claire Jane Kendrick Shows small works from the ‘Little Gem Series’ small, dynamic works of art, packed full of color, texture and aliveness!


Florida Marsh Musical Notes – SOLD


Moving Sky – SOLD

Tones of Gold

+1 904 624 7255
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Art on Centre : Promotional Media Campaign

Art on Centre represent my work, they take a personal interest in getting to know each artist they exhibit. It was a pleasure to be asked to appear in a promotional video for the gallery.

In the heart of downtown Fernandina Beach sits Art on Centre, where fine art and collectibles come to life. In its contemporary space, Art on Centre combines a variety of mediums, from impressionistic landscapes to abstract sculptures… resulting in an experience that is nothing short of captivating.

The professional team at Art on Centre showcase my paintings and curate the gallery beautifully. I know collectors of my work, are in good hands.

Jim, Debbie, Courtney

 (904) 624-7255
 : 503 Centre St. 
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034
 : artoncentre.com


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Golf Painting

Golf is a game I love, apart from wanting and needing to play more. I also need to do more paintings inspired by the game. Glued to the screen this past weekend to watch some incredible action in Atlanta. This golf painting was a little closer to home. 🏌️ 🏌️‍♀️ The course at the Omni Plantation, Amelia Island. The Omni was voted top 121 golf resort on the world. This paintings exhibiting soon at #ArtonCentre Amelia Island.

#TW80 Congratulations Tiger 🐯 Woods and great day for Justin Rose 🌹 #FedExCup #pgatour #play #support #golf

For Golf Commission paintings by C J Kendrick contact Art on Centre Gallery

T 904 624 7255


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Coastal Beach Paintings

Artist’s Notes

When on day trips or beach outings I sometimes travel with my “plein air” supply’s not always though….. sometimes a coastal scene grabs you and you simply take a chance to jot down a quick sketch and some color notes. The notes inform a small study, or sketch and when these are interesting sometimes they become larger works of art, back at the studio.

Small Coastal Paintings

Ocean View & Flight of Fancy each 10”x10” sold together or separately. Oil on gallery wrapped canvas. These small paintings inspired larger works go to my website to see more large paintings.

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Large Works of Art

Yes sometimes proportions change or ..I change the color. The paint decides – its called ‘artistic license’. Some artists grid out the canvas and go for an exact replica – that’s OK too – not me, I ….”jump over the hedge and into a bed of crocodiles” – (A teacher of mathematics told me that years ago – my family thought it hilarious and have quoted it to me over and over)

While I learned the calculated approach works better for mathematics – Luckily in painting the spontaneous “go for it” approach allows fun and creativity to grow, its a good attribute – so I say – go with the flow and allow each work to become its own thing.

Incoming Tide 36×36 Oil on Linen

Coastal Life 36×60 Oil on Linen

Contact Information

Website: www.cjk-studio.com
Email: claire@cjk-studio.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cjk_studio/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/studio.cjk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CJK_Studio

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View New Landscape Paintings

Here is a sampling from the new Landscape Series

This is a guide to newly available Landscape Paintings.

Not shown here, are paintings exhibiting at Gallery Locations.

Please email me if there is  a specific painting you are interested in and I can direct you to the specific gallery.



Landscapes by Claire J Kendrick @ www.cjk-studio.com

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View New Seascape Paintings

Here is a sampling from the new Seascape Series

This is a guide to newly available Seascape Paintings.

Not shown here are paintings exhibiting at Gallery Locations.

Please email me if there is  a specific painting you are interested in and I can direct you to the specific gallery.


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Seascape Series by CJK

Claire Jane Kendrick, is an accomplished artist with professional representation with her works of art in both private and public collections. Capable of communicating with clients regarding specifications for customized fine art commissions. Collectors respond to the contemporary style and the expressive way in which she paints. Attracting a local and international following, Claire is dedicated to perusing her painting career. To view more from the series visit www.cjk-studio.com

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A Statement Gift for the Holidays – from Plum Gallery St Augustine, FL

Whether you’re saying “Happy Holidays” or “thank you”, for a stay in someone’s home, a creative thoughtful gift can leave a lasting impression. Here, I’ve selected  some favorite options.

This large scale oil painting is a statement and  is one of my latest paintings. Its a contemporary marsh painting full of color and energy. “Vibrant Marsh” 48×48 oil on canvas available through Plum Gallery, St Augustine. Contact Karen or Erica they advise both the novice and expert art enthusiast on purchasing art.
(904) 825-0069

Good things come in small packages, these two small paintings celebrate fun bright marsh living!

Summertime | 12×12 | oil and wax on canvas framed beautifully Available at Plum Gallery, St Augustine FL

Signals Breaking Up | 12×12 | oil and wax on canvas framed beautifully Available at Plum Gallery, St Augustine FL

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