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Marsh Paintings Framed and Ready for Art Walk Amelia Island!

Art On Centre, Fernandina

Art Walk – 2nd Saturday of Every Month – Art Gallerys, Shops and Restaurants stay open late.

New Paintings Available

Vibrant 24×24 | Oil on Linen with Floater Frame

Little Gem Series

Framed 10″x10″

Artist Claire Jane Kendrick Shows small works from the ‘Little Gem Series’ small, dynamic works of art, packed full of color, texture and aliveness!


Florida Marsh Musical Notes – SOLD


Moving Sky – SOLD

Tones of Gold

+1 904 624 7255
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Keep in touch with artist CJK …..

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Recent interview with CJK by Voyager MIA.

A recent interview with Voyage MIA – Thought-Provokers series. Thanks to Dan Goodman Editorial Staff & Photographer Layla Perchal Neal

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Large Contemporary Artwork | Home Installation

I love some of the recent Gardner Colby installations! This proves it…art can make a room come alive!

If you have questions about a particular piece of art, or your looking for assistance with your art collection, please contact – Nancy or Pamela – they exhibit a beautiful selection of my fine art seascape series and can arrange special commission projects. This collaborative installation at a collectors home includes includes one of my triptych paintings called “Unwinding” | 24″ x 72″ | Oil Encaustic, and  “Flight of Thorns’ by Ran Alder.


Claire J KendrickInstallation, Oil Painting, SeascapeAugust 31, 20150 comments
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Plum Art Gallery, St Augustine, FL

I will be exhibiting this summer at Plum Art Gallery, St Augustine. Florida. The gallery is run by artist and business women Karen Sheridan and she does a wonderful job of promoting professional and emerging talent. Located on one of the oldest streets in the United States this contemporary art gallery is a breath of fresh air for tourists and locals.

The City of St. Augustine redesigned the brick street in 2010 to create a pedestrian friendly zone with wider sidewalks, additional benches and landscaping. The setting is more intimate than St. George Street. The street has a wonderful mix of fine dining and casual eateries with outdoor seating, kid friendly menus and ethnic cuisines from around the globe.

An oasis of calm, Aviles Street is like a secret discovery downtown it has an old world charm of yesteryear and Plum Art Gallery adds a cool vibe exhibiting sculpture, fine art and artisan hand crafted jewelry.


Vilano Marsh | 12" x 12" | Oil | CJK

Vilano Marsh | 12″ x 12″ | Oil | CJK


My Sweet | 5″ x 7″ | Oil | CJK

St Augustine and Vilano beach are home to me now (originally from Northern Ireland I moved here 9 years ago), and the landscape, marsh views and ocean are a huge source of inspiration…I will be showing a selection of the plein air and studio landscape paintings. At different times of the day and in different seasons the landscape comes alive with color – pushing the boundary is always the challenge. Sometimes working intensely on a theme helps in exploring possibilities in a painting. Its not unusual for me to revisit a place and observe from a slightly different viewpoint each time reaching for a new perspective. Each painting is a learning experience changing scale prompts new decisions.

Crazy Fun | 9x9 | Oil | CJK

Crazy Fun | 9×9 | Oil | CJK


Cumulonimbus | 6x8 | Oil and Wax | CJK

Cumulonimbus | 6×8 | Oil and Wax | CJK

My technique has developed over time and larger pieces are inspired by small plein air studies. Cold wax medium is applied to oil paint and oil pastel  – the larger pieces are created after many sessions on the easel allowing layers of paint to dry and sometimes the technique  demands paint is scraped away to let under layers show through. The subtleties of layering are best seen in person as is hard to see in a photograph or online.

Visit Plum Gallery Thursday – Sunday and by appointment Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tel  904-377-5166

Group Show runs June July August –


St Augustine Marshlands 1 & 2 | 30 x 60 | Oil Encaustic

St Augustine Marshlands 1 & 2 | 30 x 60 | Oil Encaustic on Ampersand Panels


Karen Sheridan Paintings at Plum Art Gallery



Window – CJK Paintings | St Augustine Marshlands 1 & 2 | 30 x 30 each | Oil Encaustic on Ampersand Panels



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Symphony Intracoastal | Large Encaustic Oil Painting

Artist Notes

52″ x 66″ | Oil Encaustic | Florida Marsh Painting | “Symphony Intracoastal”

Working large and in thin layers before applying wax gives the surface of this painting a rich textural feel. Oil mixed with wax gives the viewer the chance to see drips and runs on the surface. There is a wonderful matte finish to the painting.

If you are interested in pricing information for this painting please private message me at the studio.


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Modern Architecture | Contemporary Art

Home Tour – Art Installation

I am delighted to share this video showing two large scale marsh paintings in a private home.

The Entry – A landscape depicting Florida’s marshland is alive with color and dramatic brush work.

In the Great Room – A large contemporary marsh paintings brings drama and passion to the beautiful clean lines of the crisp white interior. The fine art appears floating on a white panel which is fitted to an Auton System. The painting is raised by remote control to expose the television which is perfectly concealed within the wall. Stunning design with a wow factor!

I thank the clients for inviting me to their home and allowing me to share this video with readers!

CJK-Studio client 1

Commission Work –

Please contact me or one of the gallery’s to discuss commission work.





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Mini Botanical Paintings


Tall & Bright | 5 x 9 | Oil | CJK

Tall & Bright | 5 x 9 | Oil | CJK

Coral Greeting | 5" x 7" | Oil | CJK

Coral Greeting | 5″ x 7″ | Oil | CJK

Botanical paintings using Palette Knife

Using a palette knife here are a few mini’s – inspired by all the beautiful floral arrangements that arrived from friends congratulating my husband and I, on the arrival of our beautiful daughter Annika Lauren Kendrick, born Oct 1st, 2014. Thank you so much for all the wonderful cards and messages….. we are full of gratitude.

Joyful Pink | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Joyful Pink | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Orange Glow | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Orange Glow | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Artist Notes

With the mini paintings its easy to play with scale and placement…try a few oil sketches before painting a large canvas. With these I kept the background the neutral as the flowers were so colorful but sometimes its important to change it up finding a combination that works well.

Red Cloth | 5 1/2" x 5 3/4" | Oil | CJK

Red Cloth | 5 1/2″ x 5 3/4″ | Oil | CJK

Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, Oil PaintingNovember 13, 20140 comments
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Park Life – Figurative Studies – Inspired by Peggi Kroll Roberts.

For a few years I have been inspired by the painter Peggi Kroll Roberts. She’s lives and works in California and when I heard she was teaching here in Florida I jumped at the chance to join one of her workshops.

It’s good to get out of the studio and to work with professional full time artist is always valuable. Peggi shared great painting tips and it was interesting to learn what life is like on the road, as she travels taking part in professional plein air events across the United States.

Observation is the key and as you work those muscles – seeing, mixing, and using value and color becomes a way of defining an object or shape. She calls it “Pattern painting” – You have to put the millage in! I valued her advice on painting casual everyday set ups around your home or studio. Making quick sketches of people in the park or on the beach or at home.

Demos were quick – not too long – enough to get the fundamentals in. She stresses the importance of developing your own voice, I enjoy the way she applies paint in a confident buttery way and really observes color and value fantastically. Needless to say I’m a fan of her work. We had a couple of models for plein air work in the park and also plenty of still life studio time.

Click on Peggi’s name at the top to be directed to her website.

Below a few of my paintings –


Park Life, Acid Tones | 6″ x 10″ | Oil | CJK

Park Life |Chit Chat | 7" x 9" | Oil

Park Life, Chit Chat | 7″ x 9″ | Oil | CJK


Park Life, Pink Blanket | 6″ x 8″ | Oil | CJK


Park Life, Red Shorts | 6″ x 8″ | Oil | CJK


Park Life, Sport Chic | 6″ x 9″ | Oil | CJK


Park Life, Waiting | 9″ x 6″ | Oil | CJK

To see other artists whom I have studied with or have been influenced by, check out the section of my website – Artists who Inspire!

Peggi spoke about being inspired by the late “David Park” and “Elmer Bischoffe” amongst many others but these are two artists from the abstract expressionist movement that I also resonate with.

Claire J KendrickFigure, Oil Painting, Plein AirSeptember 15, 20140 comments
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