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Painting Progression Video by Artist CJK

“Embrace” | 42″x 42″ | Oil Encaustic

Private Collector’s painting “Embrace” – View this short 1min video showing the progression of this large scale botanical encaustic painting – artist CJK at play with flames and flowers!!!

Thanks to Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples and the Private Collector for this wonderful commission project.

Flowers by 57 Treasury, St Augustine.

Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, Oil Painting, VideoOctober 4, 20154 comments
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Mini Botanical Paintings


Tall & Bright | 5 x 9 | Oil | CJK

Tall & Bright | 5 x 9 | Oil | CJK

Coral Greeting | 5" x 7" | Oil | CJK

Coral Greeting | 5″ x 7″ | Oil | CJK

Botanical paintings using Palette Knife

Using a palette knife here are a few mini’s – inspired by all the beautiful floral arrangements that arrived from friends congratulating my husband and I, on the arrival of our beautiful daughter Annika Lauren Kendrick, born Oct 1st, 2014. Thank you so much for all the wonderful cards and messages….. we are full of gratitude.

Joyful Pink | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Joyful Pink | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Orange Glow | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Orange Glow | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Artist Notes

With the mini paintings its easy to play with scale and placement…try a few oil sketches before painting a large canvas. With these I kept the background the neutral as the flowers were so colorful but sometimes its important to change it up finding a combination that works well.

Red Cloth | 5 1/2" x 5 3/4" | Oil | CJK

Red Cloth | 5 1/2″ x 5 3/4″ | Oil | CJK

Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, Oil PaintingNovember 13, 20140 comments
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36″  x 36″ |Oil Encaustic | CJK

I found these beautiful coral & yellow orchids from a local farmer these were freshly cut. This tip from the pro — put a penny in the water or a few drops of bleach it stops the water turning and they should keep for three to four weeks.

…. I forgot to mention that the French Bakery sells really good tarte au citron… here is the photographic evidence. Also the photo of the vase and flowers – I always forget people get a  kick seeing the still life set up and inspiration. I lifted the vase and flowers to a light box set up for painting.


No guessing why the sweet treat didn’t make it in the painting!!!

Claire J KendrickOil PaintingAugust 13, 20130 comments
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Visual artist Claire J Kendrick showcases Paintings at Jacksonville Internaional Airport.

Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) provides travelers the chance to enjoy some of the finest sculpture and fine art installations from artists across the North East Florida region.


“The airport has a collection of beautiful sculpture and original fine art. JIA supports the creative community by giving artist’s the opportunity to showcase their work and with 10.000 people passing through the airport daily, it’s a great privilege to be selected and an opportunity to share my paintings, with an audience beyond what I could have imagined” said Claire. “I have been working on the Botanical Series, a body of 20 paintings for over one year, and it’s an honor to exhibit a selection of paintings from the series in a light, airy, contemporary, public space where thousands of people are going to be able to view them”.


JIA has been recognized by international press for being one of the best airports to be delayed if you’re an art lover. A few years ago the London “Observer”, the arts supplement of the “The Guardian”, highlighted the airport’s art galleries, and set JIA in high esteem alongside Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, London’s Heathrow Airport and Seoul Airport in South Korea.


The Botanical series by Claire J Kendrick are delicate, radiant and powerful paintings of plants and flowers in a contemporary style.


Claire demonstrates the principle that with each brush stroke you have an opportunity to express emotion, depth and passion.  Her paintings inevitably evoke a response from the viewer that is consistent with her intention.  Pushing boundaries, the artist takes the paintings outdoors and uses a blow torch to melt wax mixed with oil paint, giving a free-flow effect which she then decides to manipulate or leave.  This is a process of constant editing, painting, taking away then reapplying paint or wax, building the image slowly in layers.


“You should paint as you live life; expression should be in your work. See the things of beauty you enjoy and fill your life with that energy.”


Haskell Gallery (pre-security): Gordon Meggison & Virginia Cantore Connector Bridge Art Display Cases (pre-security): Jeffrey Edelson.

Concourses A & C Art Display Cases (post-security): Claire Kendrick *All through the months of July/August/September


View Paintings online at www.cjk-studio.com

Photographs Laird Vue (www.lairdvue.com)


Claire J KendrickExhibition, Newsletter, Oil PaintingJune 26, 20130 comments
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Tulips in Red Vase

Tulips in Red Pot

Tulips in Red Pot | 30″ x 20″ | Oil Encaustic

You may notice in the last few posts I have been working on the same subject several times, changing canvas size, changing light, or viewpoint, a different back cloth being just enough to set me off on another blast of  creativity. The self expression comes through more and more each time.


12″ x 12″ | Tulip I | 12″ x 12″ Tulip II | Oil Encaustic | Exhibiting at Plum Gallery, St Augustine

Claire J KendrickExhibition, Oil PaintingApril 26, 20130 comments
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Open Heart

Open Heart | 48″ x 48″ | Oil Encaustic

In every store there are tulips, I have been buying fresh cut flowers and some bulbs in pots, that bloom and I later plant in the garden. They make great still life paintings!

It was just such a pleasure to paint a big canvas (48″ x 48″). The tulips have a life of their own, they seem to move even as you paint them.

A fellow painter gave me a great tip —  if you like to paint your still life set up with a spot light try using an LED bulb. They don’t give off as much heat — thus less chance of those blooms opening up on you. Another tip get moving – get dancing – sing and – jump into action. Get the guts of the painting and that movement will sing its way onto the canvas. Keeping the energy on a large canvas is the biggest challenge!

Keep and open mind open heart as to where the painting can go – don’t try to steer an idea, stay open and let it happen.





Claire J KendrickExhibition, Oil PaintingApril 26, 20130 comments
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