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Newly Released Limited Edition Giclee Prints

by Claire J. Kendrick

Limited Edition Giclee Prints from artist Claire J Kendrick are now available. Works are signed and numbered and embellished by the artist with oil paint on request.

Please contact the artist / gallery nearest you for more details on pricing.

Double Click on the images to see full screen view. First Prints with low number’s are now available. These are limited edition (25) or on some prints (250) rather than open editions.

Giclee Prints by Artist CJK
Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, Giclee Fine Art Prints, Oil Painting, SeascapeAugust 6, 20180 comments
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In tribute and Celebration of Karin Sufalko of 57 Treasury

Florist and Artist, Karin Sufalko shared her creativity and artistic vision with so many, marking special moments of celebration with flowers. In her own words – “I paint with flowers”. Artist Claire Kendrick has been privileged to have collaborated with her professionally. This time it was Claire who painted one of Karin’s, magnificent floral arrangements. Plum Gallery has invited Claire Kendrick to share some of her Botanical paintings with you in tribute and celebration of our friend and artist Karin Sufalko at 57Tresury.

Join us Thursday Aug 17, 2017 at
Plum Gallery and Amiro Gallery, Aviles Street
The Art District South of the Plaza

Karin Sufalko of 57 Treasury


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Enjoy this youtube video profile by Amy Robb of SlideTray Media


Plum Gallery and Amiro Gallery did a wonderful job of hosting and gathering the creative community. Special thanks to Ari Sufalko who designed the event invitation honoring her mother. A beautiful Floral Tribute was provided by Flower Works. Thank you to everyone who attended, Karin was connected with so many people in St Augustine it was great to meet so many of her interesting and creative network! It was a great turn out!

Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, Charity, Exhibition, Oil PaintingAugust 12, 20170 comments
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Bittersweet: The Embodiment of the Heart, Exhibition at HAS | Sat 11th Feb, 2017 | 6-9pm | SAVE THE DATE

Love Wasteland | 36 x 48 | Oil Encaustic | Claire Kendrick

Even in a wasteland a tiny seed can grow and blossom. Here a vase of abundance – placed in a void land. In the painting the green drips & runs, may be troubles or blessings depending on your viewpoint. Finding yourself in a love wasteland – means you must decide to perish, regrow or bloom.

Life advances through my attitudes and actions.” – Julia Cameron

“Bloom where you are planted” – Corinthians.


The Embodiment of the Heart

This exhibition is about the tension and irony of love and pain.  This show is for lovers and misanthropes alike! The  aesthetic is dark and beautiful.
OPENING RECEPTION, 6-9pm, Saturday 11th Feb 2017
Show Runs Feb 11 – March 3, 2017
Location – HAS Art Solutions will be having their first show at the new production studio in Riverside’s historic Mixon town.

2385 Corbett Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204

This will be a group show. Claire J Kendrick will have four works featured in the exhibition. – represent the works in this exhibition please contact them for more details.

TEL 9045039800

Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, ExhibitionJanuary 5, 20170 comments
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Small Impasto Botanical Paintings

Artist Notes

These Little Gems are all 8″x6″ paintings on board – using lots of paint and a fully loaded brush and palette knife.

Impasto Floral Arrangement on Blue Table | 8x6 | Oil Impasto

Impasto Floral Arrangement on Blue Table | 8×6 | Oil Impasto

Hydrangea and Folige in Green Vase | 8x6 | Oil Impasto

Hydrangea and Foliage in Green Vase | 8×6 | Oil Impasto

Impasto Blooms on Mauve | 6x8 | Oil Impasto

Impasto Blooms on Mauve | 6×8 | Oil Impasto

An Array of Flowers on Stripes | 8x6 | Oil Impasto

Featured Image – An Array of Flowers on Stripes | 8×6 | Oil Impasto


For purchase and pricing please contact me at


Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, Oil PaintingOctober 14, 20150 comments
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Painting Progression Video by Artist CJK

“Embrace” | 42″x 42″ | Oil Encaustic

Private Collector’s painting “Embrace” – View this short 1min video showing the progression of this large scale botanical encaustic painting – artist CJK at play with flames and flowers!!!

Thanks to Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples and the Private Collector for this wonderful commission project.

Flowers by 57 Treasury, St Augustine.

Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, Oil Painting, VideoOctober 4, 20154 comments
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Mini Botanical Paintings


Tall & Bright | 5 x 9 | Oil | CJK

Tall & Bright | 5 x 9 | Oil | CJK

Coral Greeting | 5" x 7" | Oil | CJK

Coral Greeting | 5″ x 7″ | Oil | CJK

Botanical paintings using Palette Knife

Using a palette knife here are a few mini’s – inspired by all the beautiful floral arrangements that arrived from friends congratulating my husband and I, on the arrival of our beautiful daughter Annika Lauren Kendrick, born Oct 1st, 2014. Thank you so much for all the wonderful cards and messages….. we are full of gratitude.

Joyful Pink | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Joyful Pink | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Orange Glow | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Orange Glow | 5 x 7 | Oil | CJK

Artist Notes

With the mini paintings its easy to play with scale and placement…try a few oil sketches before painting a large canvas. With these I kept the background the neutral as the flowers were so colorful but sometimes its important to change it up finding a combination that works well.

Red Cloth | 5 1/2" x 5 3/4" | Oil | CJK

Red Cloth | 5 1/2″ x 5 3/4″ | Oil | CJK

Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, Oil PaintingNovember 13, 20140 comments
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Hosting an open studio event.

Opening your studio can be a fun way to share new work with collectors and friends. This is a unique opportunity for people to get an inside look at the nuts and bolts of life in the studio.

During my pregnancy its been hard to stay away from painting – but this was a great event to plan. Its worth giving yourself a few weeks to organized inventory and display. Design and print invitations and gather a collector list!

Its time consuming and for most artists its a herculean effort to tidy their studio space. I wanted to open my home studio to a few close friends and collectors so as the nesting instinct kicked in I embarked on cleaning my house from top to bottom and basically having rooms open for guest to see my paintings hanging throughout. Most artists have their open studios in the lead up to the holidays, as our baby is due early October 2014, this wasn’t going to work for me. It was a great way to get organized and work is ready to send to gallery’s for the fourth quarter sales period.

Its worth mentioning that all works are gallery ready and there is no discounting or undercutting gallery prices, I rely heavily on my gallery’s for support and sales throughout the year. For collectors this an opportunity to visit, see whats coming up and hear first hand what challenges and successes have been happening. Gallery’s are showroom ready year round….and I am always happy to meet clients should you request this. Some collectors like to meet the artist, some don’t. In the same way some artists are sociable – and some like to be reclusive. I’m a big advocate of being a recluse especially in the phase of developing a new body of work…its the only way for me to get stuff done and its important to have my own space, free of criticism, opinion or interruption.

An open studio is not a public event! Its important to keep the guest list, invitation only. My invitation gave guests a preview of Landscape, Seascape and Botanical paintings and a special preview of some works planed for my 2015 Figurative Show (March 6th, 2015 – save the date, more details to follow).

For more information on how to host an open studio?

Listen to this great interview with artist Melinda Cootsona. Melinda is author of the book “Open Your Studio: Nine Steps to A Successful Art Event”.

Email for price information on any of the photographed works of art.

Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, Exhibition, Figure, Installation, Interview, landscape, Newsletter, Oil Painting, Plein Air, Publicity, SeascapeAugust 30, 20144 comments
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Installation | Private Residence

Thanks to Fairfax Gallery for framing so beautifully this painting from my Botanical Series. Thanks also to the Interior design team for sharing this photograph of my painting installed in its new home. – Stunning!

Calm | Oil Encaustic | 36″ x 36″ | by Claire Jane Kendrick

To view more original oil paintings by CJK visit Fairfax Gallery, In Historic Riverside
4216 Herschel St.
Jacksonville, FL 32210
Ph. 904-384-7724

Claire J KendrickBotanical Series, InstallationJuly 29, 20140 comments
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