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Twentieth Anniversary | Riverside Fine Arts 2013 – 2014 Season

To see the CJK original painting ” Calm” advertised by Fairfax Gallery in the Riverside Fine Arts 2013-2014 program, visit the gallery –

In Historic Riverside
4216 Herschel St. 
Jacksonville, FL 32210 
Ph. 904-384-7724 
Fax: 904-387-9786


Monday through Friday:
10 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 11 am to 3 pm
and by appointmentRFAAJAXweb

Calm | 36" x 36" | Oil Encaustic

Calm | 36″ x 36″ | Oil Encaustic

Claire J KendrickExhibition, Newsletter, Oil PaintingNovember 25, 20130 comments
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Stand out from the crowd

“In the rich tapestry of  life, you may find yourself outnumbered by a chaos and pattern of people who don’t envision what you envision, this painting titled “Stand out from the  crowd” was inspired by the wonderful young students at PACE. Often these girls are marginalized and its worth remembering that the things that makes us unlike the majority can be actually a strength, a gift, a source of wisdom that can be an enormous blessing for oneself and others.” – CJK

PACE Center for Girls  provides girls & young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling and advocacy.

“The PACE students created beautiful “PACE Portraits” that will in turn be auctioned at the CREW December event where all proceeds will be donated back to PACE.  Portrait prints will be framed and given back to the PACE student who created it and the images will also be used to create packages of gift cards, which will be sold at the December event. The PACE Portraits will also be displayed at the December holiday event which will be held on December 3rd, at 5:30 p.m. at the PACE Center for Girls, 2933 University Boulevard N, Jacksonville, Florida 32211.

PACE provides girls and young women in our community with an opportunity to better their future through education, counseling, training and advocacy.  “PACE Portraits with CREW Jacksonville is a very exciting time of year for us at PACE. Volunteers from CREW Jacksonville come to the center and work with a group of girls who have shown interest and ability in art.  The girls will paint portraits to be auctioned off at CREW’s annual event to benefit PACE. In the past, the creative process has been a wonderful outlet for the girls to express themselves. We are grateful to the members of CREW Jacksonville who have volunteered more than 900 hours over the past several years to PACE Center for Girls,” said Jill Auld, Transition Services Manager, PACE Center for Girls, Jacksonville.”

Support PACE  – invest in girls today

To Find out more about CREW click on this link!

Claire J KendrickExhibition, Oil PaintingNovember 22, 20130 comments
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Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples. FL

Paintings by Claire J Kendrick at the Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples. FL

386 and 365 Broad Avenue S.
Gallery Row
Naples, Florida 34102

Photographs by Heather Donlan, THESCOUTGUIDE.COM

Claire J KendrickExhibition, Newsletter, Oil PaintingNovember 18, 20130 comments
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Two Part Harmony

Two Part Harmony | 30″ x 60″ | Oil


Recent Painting of surf, two panels hung as a diptych. Oil and wax paintings on Ampersand Panels. (30″ x 30″) (30″ x 30″)

Below more paintings from the Seascape Series –



Claire J KendrickOil PaintingNovember 4, 20130 comments
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Shark Jaw

I’ve been painting down on the St Augustine docks – a gift from the crew of, Miss Renee! Its not everyday you get a shark jaw!!

To get an idea of life on the docks – read the signs and take care these guys don’t suffer fools gladly! LOL It helps if you have a good sense of hummor!

Here a few more photographs and some paintings still in work – en plein air!

The final paintings –

Claire J KendrickNewsletter, Oil PaintingNovember 1, 20130 comments
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