Monthly:July 2015

Mini Plein Air Seascape Paintings

Small Plein Air Paintings are often inspiration for larger works of art. They capture a liveliness and spontaneity and act as color notes and reference when working back in the studio. Often these paintings are emotional notes — and tapping into that energy shows up in the brushwork. When feeling is conveyed via mark making I think its the visual artists closest link to performance art. We get to perform in the privacy of our own studio’s and hope the […]

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Large Contemporary Artwork | Home Installation

Installation at a collectors home  – Pelicans of Vilano | 36″ x 48″ | Oil Encasutic Painting Blazing Bouquet Diptych | 40″ x 30″each | Oil Encasutic Painting

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Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples

“Crashing Blue”, large triptych painting | 48×120″ | by Claire Kendrick and “Not So Much…Chaos” | 84×36″  | basket weaving material hanging by Ran Adler both at Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples. or call (239) 403-7787 for more details.

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