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36 x 84 | Oil and Wax on Linen | Seascape Painting | Gardner Colby Gallery – Original SOLD

Artist Notes

This was a commission painting and a thrill to paint. When working on such a large scale it is important to have the feeling of leading the viewer into the painting. Keeping dynamic brush stokes and yet having a calm serenity be found in the painting. The clients were specific about the size and working with the interior swatches and palette I had a feel for the placement of the painting in their room and its location above a long sectional sofa in the clients great room.

Claire J KendrickSeascape SeriesFebruary 23, 20160 comments
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Plum Art Gallery, St Augustine

Photographs taken at First Friday Art Walk, St Augustine. My work will be exhibiting as part of a three month group show at Plum Art Gallery. This is a popular event that has exploded in popularity in recent years giving established artists and up and coming talent the opportunity to exhibit. The event is supported well by tourists and the local community. Bravo to artist and gallery owner Karen Sheridan for curating a beautiful show and to the galleries on Aviles Street — the oldest street in the United States for collectively working with each other and the local bars and restaurants to make it a great evening with live music, food and drinks and meet the artist events.

If you haven’t put the next date in your diary – remember it’s the First Friday of every month!!!

Claire J KendrickExhibitionFebruary 8, 20160 comments
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CJK Progression Video see works from the Botanical Series


Here is a chance to see inside the studio of CJK – this short video shows her artistic process. From chaos to clarity it is sometimes hard to see where she may be going with a work of art but the results are stunning. Her technique is shown from working sketch to application of light washes in oil paint to heavy layers of oil and wax melted outside using a blow torch.

Enjoy paintings from her series  Рview original works of art at

Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples


Plum Art Gallery, St Augustine.

Claire J KendrickVideoFebruary 1, 20162 comments
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