Monthly:February 2019

Gallery Glance

Lovely Small works of Art View more works of art at each gallery location listed below.   Ocean View 10×10 oil on canvas gallery wrap canvas   Flight of Fancy 10×10 oil on canvas gallery wrap canvas Art on Centre – Fernandina, FL Small Seascapes Available Call – TEL (904) 624 7255   Still Life in White 8×8   Still Life In Pink 8×8 Plum Gallery – St Augustine, FL Small Floral Available Call – TEL (904) 825 0069   […]

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Thanks to all who came to visit the – Pop Up Gallery!

Potter Worley Faver and Visual Artist CJK represented by Plum Gallery. “Plum Gallery Pop Up” – is an innovative space — important to mention it is a permanent exhibition and studio space for Potter, Worley Faver. The gallery hosts a collection of breathtaking pottery all hand built by the ancient potter. A museum quality collection of vessels, pots and sculpture represents hundreds of hours of work. The gallery invited visual artist CJK to show her oil painting landscapes and still […]

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