Monthly:March 2020

Still Life Painting, “Bells of Ireland”

From my home to yours, “Bells of Ireland” | 30×48 |  oil on canvas | 2014. NFS.  This painting is in my personal collection, it’s a milestone piece. It’s good to reflect on these paintings from time to time. They are the ‘keepers’ they mark a period of growth or something unexplained that I’d been striving for in my work. Often as a working artist, its a feeling of luxury to decide to keep a painting. You live with works […]

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“Is there something I can sing from across the sea.”

28″ x 22″ oil on canvas Still Life Painting – Progression Video As we find our place in a new circumstance, I find myself listening to new music, painting, cooking. We are forced to make life simpler for a while. Artists, love a little solitude… its an essential element. The privacy of the studio is a sanctuary, a place to see, develop and challenge oneself to work harder and be better. It is reminding me of how important our home […]

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