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Rivers Flow

36″ x 36″ | Oil on Linen | When a painting flows it’s a joy and that feeling is to be enjoyed, as it is usually short lived as  the “struggle” phase crepes in.  The “struggle” is an essential part of the process, it insures I’m alert, ready to be critical, and with this comes growth in my painting.  The painting process is hard to gauge, sometimes a plan comes together and sometimes it takes a bit of working out, and sometimes it takes you to a whole new place.  It takes a while before a paintings is ready to leave the studio. I have been playing with this painting over a few weeks, yet wanting it to appear spontaneous and fresh, the key and what I like about this painting, are those wonderful big brush marks and the fact that it doesn’t look overworked with small timid strokes.

Claire J KendrickNewsletter, Oil PaintingAugust 28, 20130 comments
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Gallery Representation in Jacksonville, FL

Fairfax Gallery has been in business for 30 years, this busy Jacksonville Gallery is tucked in the center of historic Avondale/Ortega. They represent local and regional artists from throughout the country.  I am thrilled that they are showing a body of work from my Landscape, Still life and Figurative Series.

Fairfax Gallery, Jacksonville.

Fairfax Gallery, Jacksonville.


Paintings by Claire J Kendrick

Paintings by CJK at Fairfax Gallery, FL

Good Vibrations | 40″ x 30″ | Fairfax Gallery

Open Heart | 48″ x 48″ | Fairfax Gallery

fairfax gallery 2013 cjk 3

Paintings by CJK at Fairfax Gallery, Jacksonville, FL

Figure Thinking | 36″x 36″ | Fairfax Gallery

Marsh Wetland | 24″ x 24″ | Fairfax Gallery

fairfax gallery 2013 cjk

Paintings by CJK at Fairfax Gallery, Jacksonville, FL

Spring Morning at the Marsh | 48″ x 48″ | Fairfax Gallery

Take Flight | 48″ x 48″ | Fairfax Gallery

Contact Fairfax Gallery

Fairfax Gallery
In Historic Riverside
Jack Slaughter, Director
4216 Herschel St. 
Jacksonville, FL 32210 
Ph. 904-384-7724 
Fax: 904-387-9786


Monday through Friday:
10 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 11 am to 3 pm
and by appointment


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Gallery Representation in Naples, Florida

I am delighted to be represented by the Gardner Colby Gallery in Naples Florida, I join a fantastic group of artists and a sensational gallery celebrating their 20th year in business. Yes… 2o years!

There will be some wonderful events happening throughout 2013 – 2014. So please do stop by if you are in Naples.


Located on Gallery Row, Gardner Colby Gallery and across the street Gardner Colby Gallery II


Kendrick1 GC

Rise | 48″ x 36″ | Oil Encaustic | Claire J Kendrick

Overflowing ( Orange Lilies) | 28″ x 22″ | Oil Encaustic | Claire J Kendrick


Painting on Right – Beach Watch | 48″ X 48″ | Oil Encaustic | Claire J Kendrick


Botanical Series
 Seascape Series
Claire J KendrickExhibition, Newsletter, Oil Painting, PhotographsAugust 20, 20130 comments
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Inspiration – David Park

– Great Quote by David Park.

This image from – Bay Area Figurative Art: 1950-1965 ” During the 1950s a few painters in the San Francisco Bay Area began to stage personal, dramatic defections from the prevailing style of Abstract Expressionism, creating what would come to be known as Bay Area Figurative Art. In 1949 David Park destroyed many of his nonobjective canvases and began a new style of consciously naive figuration. Soon Elmer Bischoff and Richard Diebenkorn joined Park and other painters such as Nathan Oliveira, Theophilus Brown, James Weeks, and Paul Wonner in the move away from abstraction and toward figurative subject matter. When artists such as Bruce McGaw, Manuel Neri, and Joan Brown emerged as a second generation of figurative artists, the momentum grew for a powerful new development in American painting.

The achievement of Bay Area Figurative painters and sculptors has become directly relevant to current debates regarding abstraction and representation, as well as to discourses on modernism and postmodernism. Indeed, the historical phenomenon of the movement is an important case study in the evolution of modernism in America, serving as an early example of rupture in the formalist “mainstream.”

Bay Area Figurative Art 1950-1965 was written to accompany an exhibition of the same name at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Based on extensive archival research and interviews, it is the first study of the movement as a whole and is the broadest and most accurate account of the careers and interactions of ten Bay Area artists who worked in this new style.”

Claire J KendrickNewsletterAugust 17, 20130 comments
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36″  x 36″ |Oil Encaustic | CJK

I found these beautiful coral & yellow orchids from a local farmer these were freshly cut. This tip from the pro — put a penny in the water or a few drops of bleach it stops the water turning and they should keep for three to four weeks.

…. I forgot to mention that the French Bakery sells really good tarte au citron… here is the photographic evidence. Also the photo of the vase and flowers – I always forget people get a  kick seeing the still life set up and inspiration. I lifted the vase and flowers to a light box set up for painting.


No guessing why the sweet treat didn’t make it in the painting!!!

Claire J KendrickOil PaintingAugust 13, 20130 comments
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