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Visual artist Claire J Kendrick showcases Paintings at Jacksonville Internaional Airport.

Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) provides travelers the chance to enjoy some of the finest sculpture and fine art installations from artists across the North East Florida region.


“The airport has a collection of beautiful sculpture and original fine art. JIA supports the creative community by giving artist’s the opportunity to showcase their work and with 10.000 people passing through the airport daily, it’s a great privilege to be selected and an opportunity to share my paintings, with an audience beyond what I could have imagined” said Claire. “I have been working on the Botanical Series, a body of 20 paintings for over one year, and it’s an honor to exhibit a selection of paintings from the series in a light, airy, contemporary, public space where thousands of people are going to be able to view them”.


JIA has been recognized by international press for being one of the best airports to be delayed if you’re an art lover. A few years ago the London “Observer”, the arts supplement of the “The Guardian”, highlighted the airport’s art galleries, and set JIA in high esteem alongside Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, London’s Heathrow Airport and Seoul Airport in South Korea.


The Botanical series by Claire J Kendrick are delicate, radiant and powerful paintings of plants and flowers in a contemporary style.


Claire demonstrates the principle that with each brush stroke you have an opportunity to express emotion, depth and passion.  Her paintings inevitably evoke a response from the viewer that is consistent with her intention.  Pushing boundaries, the artist takes the paintings outdoors and uses a blow torch to melt wax mixed with oil paint, giving a free-flow effect which she then decides to manipulate or leave.  This is a process of constant editing, painting, taking away then reapplying paint or wax, building the image slowly in layers.


“You should paint as you live life; expression should be in your work. See the things of beauty you enjoy and fill your life with that energy.”


Haskell Gallery (pre-security): Gordon Meggison & Virginia Cantore Connector Bridge Art Display Cases (pre-security): Jeffrey Edelson.

Concourses A & C Art Display Cases (post-security): Claire Kendrick *All through the months of July/August/September

View Paintings online at

Photographs Laird Vue (


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Gestural Drawings

Gestural Drawing brings a freedom a spontaneity to a painting. It is for the artist, a chance to respond to a pose with expression,  it can be an emotional response.

“The rapidity of execution suggests an aesthetic which is most concerned with the essence of the pose, and an economy of means in its representation, rather than a careful study of modeling of light on the form. You’re letting the pencil roam freely and quickly in order to capture the model’s movement

For some artists, there is a calisthenic logic: just as an athlete warms up before exercising or participating in sports, artists use gesture drawing to prepare themselves mentally and physically for a figure drawing session. The fast pace of gesture poses help an artist “loosen up” to avoid a stiff drawing style.

The artist who undertakes gesture drawing also receives the benefits of self-training their drawing ability. This kind of very rapid drawing of the figure builds (through the act of frequent repetition) an instinctive understanding of human proportions which may aid the artist when executing more extended works.”  – Wikipedia


Pragmatic | 9" x 12" | Oil Sketch

Pragmatic | 9″ x 12″ | Oil Sketch


Female Form | 9 x 12 | Oil Sketch

Female Form | 9″ x 12″ | Oil Sketch

Write it down | 9 x 12 | Oil Sketch

Write it down | 9″ x 12″ | Oil Sketch

Free Form | 9 x 12 | Oil Sketch

Free | 9″ x 12″ | Oil Sketch


These are  lively, paintings with spontaneity and an aliveness that is often a challenge and more physically demanding to the artist in a larger format.

Elation | 9" x 12 | Oil Sketch

Elation | 9″ x 12″ | Oil Sketch


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Grace Gallery, Winter Park. FL

The Ancient Olive and Grace Gallery is tucked just off Park Avenue in the ever so chic area of Winter Park.

Sep-100 grace-Gallery1

Gormet food and Fine art attracts visitors and locals who support the delectable combination.


strawberry fields forever

From the Strawberry Fields in Central Florida this painting is now hanging in a chic little Gallery and Ancient Olive Oil Shop in Winter Park, FL


Grace Gallery at The Ancient Olive

324 North Park Avenue. Winter Park, FL 32789

(321) 972-1899


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Exhibitions in June

I will be in Plum Gallery on Aviles Street during Art Walk tonight, so feel free to stop by – I have five paintings on exhibition until June 30.

The Annual Honors show, is at the St Augustine Art Association, the opening is also tonight and the exhibition will run until July 20th,  I am showing a large oil encaustic painting from the Botanical Series.

If you are interested in following my work or would like to be invited to exhibition events – Subscribe to my Newsletter. 



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Blowtorches and botanicals heat up Plum Gallery – June 2013

For most artists, blowtorches and a freshly painted canvas mix as well as Superman and Lex Luthor. But to Claire Kendrick, it is the beautiful morphing of heat, wax and oils that makes her abstract encaustic botanical paintings alive.

“You have to be prepared to lose a certain amount of the painting,” Kendrick said.

“Sometimes it gets destroyed in the process. The wax has a resin within it, so when it dries it dries really hard and actually speeds up the oil painting process, because oil paint can take months to dry. This allows me to work into the painting again. So these pieces are made up of layers upon layers of paint.”

Now on display through June at Plum Gallery in downtown St. Augustine, Kendrick’s latest series, which focuses on still life botanicals, showcases her unique style of work.

“I mix the oil paint with wax, and then I take the painting outside, and with a blowtorch, blast it,” Kendrick said. “That’s how you get all of these drips and playful elements within the painting.”

Upon first look, her paintings are what they seem: a beautiful mix of flowers in a vase. When focusing into the detailed layers of pastels and bright colors, however, noticeably strong brushstrokes and rich textures are beautifully apparent.

“The brushstrokes to me are really like the handwriting,” Kendrick said.

“Everybody’s handwriting is different. I love to see that texture and it’s just as important that it’s not all over the painting. It’s just in places where it’s key. It’s like a punctuation mark.”

Relocating to St. Augustine seven years ago from Europe, Kendrick utilizes a background as a fashion designer to maintain a strong business ethic.

She has been professionally showcasing her paintings for three years, which she cultured through growing up within an artistic family in Ireland. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree from Manchester Metropolitan University in England, she lived and worked Paris, Sweden and Belgium, where she met her husband.

“I think my foundation in the industry sort of gives me that good work ethic,” Kendrick said.

“The painting aspect is very free, and that’s the part I love, but with business side it certainly helps to have a fashion background.”

Kendrick attributes the introduction of her utilization of the encaustic style into her work through Cynthia and Anne Packard – noted still life, landscape and figure painters.

Around five of Kendrick’s 25 painting series are now on display at Plum Gallery, located at 9 Aviles St., in downtown St. Augustine.

“Everybody has a different approach to painting,” she said.

“They’ll see the form and they’ll paint it out and it’s almost like filling in, and I don’t believe you should paint that way. I think it should be much more free. When you have the drawing capability you know you’ll always be able to pull it back. But those brushstrokes somehow express an emotion or a feeling in the piece. That’s important.”

The exhibit will be on view through June 30. Call 904-825-0069 or go to

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